Startup Hub

We provide guidance and knowledge to students. This leads to teams creating new technology startups with innovative concepts. We are a launchpad for students into the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem, helping teams prepare for the next stages of startup growth.

If you and your team already have a startup with a proven product/market fit you can apply to the startup hub directly. If you are more on the idea stage you can apply for the startup programme. There are two calls a year.

Already having a startup?

Join ITU's startup hub: where student visions take flight. We provide the resources and guidance to turn student startups into thriving ventures.

Apply to startup hub

Startup hub services


Business development advisor - both as structured series of workshops and ongoing customized consulting.


Partner advisory (legal, financial, marketing) - We are working together with many exceptional partners who also believe in our mission of supporting student entrepreneurs.


Fundraing support - Guidance in pitching, networking, and financial literacy accelerates student startup fundraising success.


Access to workspace and meeting rooms - Flexible hours. Access at your convenience.

You have an idea - but no startup yet

Join the startup programme. A step-by-step programme on how to get from idea to startup.  

The programme consists of these phases:

Business Model

Starting with the basics of your business idea document your value proposition and define what is the problem area you are addressing.

Customer Development

Define the customer segments with the largest pain points that you have identified and start talking to potential users to validate your assumptions.

Solution Prototype

Turn feedback into a tangible solution, a high fidelity prototype which can prove that you are solving a problem in an elegant (and feasible) way.

Pitch Deck

If you have uncovered a clever solution to the problem, it might be time to turn your idea into a startup. But first, you must convince the investors!